Last day of the year!

Thank goodness it’s over! lol some good things happened (I had my wonderful little girl) and some bad things (we won’t go into) and something I really wish would end (won’t go into that either) I have high hopes for next year mainly that we get a new place to live where I have room to breath let alone craft and create in. I got a Otte lamp from My mom for Christmas great deal we go to the original price was $135 Mom ended up paying $50 and I paid $2 lol so $52 for a nice big lamp is a great deal. So I’ll be using that to help me take better pictures and it help when crocheting with black. I got a few more things for my proposal finished as well might be ready to send it out mid-Jan. I got an order from a friend in South Korea for a pair of purple cats the size of a soda can which are going to be embellished with sparkly dark purple eyelash/fun fur yarn. He also ordered a pair small enough for phone charms which I’ll be making out of embroidery floss and embellishing with Swarovski crystals. He is giving one of each to his girlfriend which I think is so cute!

Well tonight Brian and I are going to a friends house to party Courtesy of my mother watching Anya all night since we are staying the night at our friends. So I hope to eat drink and be marry 😀 hope you all have fun and stay safe tonight.

Hugs and Kisses


~ by Kristalia on December 31, 2009.

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