New years party

It was a blast I loved it and Katie’s house was PACKED lol. Lots of good food and plenty of stuff to drink. I got a bottle of pomegranate vodlka and it was really good even though I didn’t drink very much of it there. We watched movies (I think one was the Buffy the vampire slayer musical though I wasn’t watching it) and we went in the hot tub, played card games and Mario smash brothers on the Wii (which Meg won though that’s not surprising in the least lol).

I got a couple x-mas presents from Katie and they were very cute. A Halloween bib for Anastasia and what looks like a pill box but it’s blue and has the F4 boys on it.

(I’ll post a picture of the bib when it gets out of the wash)

We stayed the night and got up and went shopping (to get formula and some purple yarn for my current custom order amigurumi) then went back to moms and stayed there for awhile then went back to the place we are staying at, it was a great new years party.


~ by Kristalia on January 1, 2010.

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