Beginning of a good year.

Started off by getting a great gift from a really great friend ^_^.  My friend Bobby Songer is living and working over in Kanazawa, Japan. He came home for the holidays and I’m so Happy I got to see him yesterday (first time in almost 5 years). He was wonderful and got me my first Japanese amigurumi book 😀 and it’s all about cats! hehe

I’ve put a link to his blog where he posts about being in Japan, Gaijin Syndrome. Talking with him yesterday also reminded me how much I love Japanese things so I spent this morning surfing and found a blog teaching Japanese so I’m working on reading hiragana for right now. ^^ I have a lot of friends who know Japanese so it will be fun to learn it as well. I’ve posted this blog under the Japanese links, Zonji neko, there is also work sheets you can print out and practice writing the characters.

Back to the book I’m not sure when but I certainly will be making a few of the very cute kitties in this book and I might even get them up to be adopted. (big if hehe)  The cats are know as Maneki Neko or Beckoning cats and here is a link to the Wiki about them,

So hugs and Kisses

see I told you I’m going to work hard on keeping these blogs going (although till I get a reader I guess its more like posting to a journal lol).


~ by Kristalia on January 4, 2010.

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