My family went to a family friend’s (though they are like family) house last night to have dinner and have a nice time together. We had a great dinner (Not sure what the dishes were called but as soon as I find out I’ll post them here) it was very delicious. We played a game called werewolf, it’s a really fun game and has many variations and house rules. There is an Official game with cards to play with, however you can play with a regular deck of cards (which is what we did) if you want.

It’s best played with a large group (the bigger the better) of people, depending on the # of people you can have 2 or more wolves 1 seerer and the rest are villagers (this is the version we played). Everyone goes to sleep (closes their eyes) and the host tells the werewolves to wake up, without talking they pick one of the other players to kill off. Then the host tells the werewolves to go back to sleep and for the seerer to wake up, the seerer points to a person the host will indicate whether the person is a werewolf or not. Then the seerer goes back to sleep and everyone wakes up the remaining players have to choose one of them to see whether they are the werewolf or not the play who is chosen is out of the game then the night descends again.

Besides Anya there was Alie’s kids Mila, Zeke, and Max the two boys are older but Mila is only about a year older the Anastasia (though 3-4 time bigger). I’m not sure what Anya thought of Mila but I think Mila was like what’s the deal who said another baby could be here lol. Alie told me that once the got home Mila kept say bee-bee (which equals baby hehe)

I can’t wait till we live in our own place and are able to have nights like last night more often.


~ by Kristalia on January 11, 2010.

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