Anya’s Progress

Anastasia is 7 months today and I’m amazed how much she can do already. She is eating baby food really well and loves cheerios (picks them up with her index finger and thumb), she likes grape juice a lot more then apple juice and even though she can’t hold the sippy cup she is able to suck on it and get some of the juice. She is crawling great now and is into everything. We put her in a bassinet to play sometimes and she likes it because it means she can pull herself to a standing position whenever she wants, holding onto the edges of the bassinet and she even shuffles around the inside while holding on. She can and will pull herself up to a standing position using the furniture but then she tries to turn away and falls but I believe she want to start walking (and she can if your holding her hands).

She is always cooing and talking like ba ma da and the like she has said mama and mom a lot but doesn’t realize they mean something she has even said papa and dad but again she doesn’t know it means Brian, it’s just babbling. She is such a fast learner it’s not funny.


~ by Kristalia on January 13, 2010.

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