Astari, Stari, Star!

She is beautiful. Our new kitty ^_^ Got her today at the farmers market in Brighton MI and I can’t believe it. Her name WAS Lucy and since not only was that my first cats name that’s anya’s middle name (Lucy is short for Lucille) So we officially named her Astari however I call her Star and Brian calls her Stari. Not one year old yet and she has already had at least one litter (poor thing being so young) From what I gathered is her last owner left her behind taking all the other cats and dogs. She was left behind because she had medical problems that apparently the last owner did not want to have to  deal with. In any case she’s with us now and except the slight torment she gets from anya she is doing great! Indoor kitty which is great and already attached to Brian (like every other female in the household) I’ll post pictures of her soon but for right now she is a blear running all over her new home. This is why Brian shouldn’t drag me out of bed to go to the farmers market LOL


~ by Kristalia on October 16, 2010.

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