Well last night was fun 😀 No parties but Brian, My sister Katie and I spent all night watching movies. I did drink a little but only wine and itty bit of Sake. I like Sake but to me it’s like Armaretto or baily’s irish cream something you only have a little bit at a time and only sip at it to enjoy the taste not to mention Sake has like no alch content (at least the one I get). We went to the Japanese shopes yesterday and Katelynn got a couple Final Fantasy posters (which at her age I would have bought too it’s rather funny that she is into everything I was at her age) and we both got a folder with sentimental Circus on it. The folder is super cute and I’ll be taking pictures of all my folders and posting a collection but it was the only thing they had of that animation. sentimental circus has an old french steampunk air about it and if I find other things to go to it I’ll definitely be interested in getting them. The main char seems to be a clownish patchwork bunny with being the year of the rabbit and all I think will make a good amigurumi project.

Looking back at last year I pretty much see that i got nothing i wanted to get done done. I really didn’t have a plan and most of the year was just waiting for time to pass so we could get a place of our own. Since most of the year (up till the beginning of september) was spent living at Brian’s parents house I wasn’t able to do anything as far and my crafts and art are concerned. One itty bitty room for Brian Anya and I also was really not good.  Our apartment is great and despite some really rude neighbors and a working set of train tracks right outside our window practicly I almost feel at home here but more to the point I can work on my craft (all of them) and theres room to breath and if I want it 68 degrees I can have it so and not have to suffer 80 degrees because it costs to much gas/electricity to run a severely out of date ac unit or have to suffer though another winter with one fire place trying to heat a gigantic house.  I have my nice big desk set up in the living room and my book shelves and incense table set up in my bedroom and even though sometimes I think it would be nice to have a whole separate room for my craft area where I could shut the door to keep anya out of things she’s getting big enough to where she’s understanding what she can’t fuss with and that’s good. As soon as she is old enough to and shows any interest in it I’m going to start teaching her everything That way once she reaches high school she will be able to make a name for herself.  I’ve gone to this little wool shop in Howell and the lady there has a little girl she’s like 7 but a pro at spinning I want that to be anya that way she will have a wide range of talents when she gets older.

So we are staring this year off differently First off we are in our own place and though it may be on the smallish side It’s ours and when I put something down on a table or shelf it stays there till i pick it up again.  And even though I have to do all the house work now it’s not all that much since there are only 2 1/2 of us to mess the place up also whenever a grand parent takes Anya for the day I have all that free time to clean the place and since it’s small it only takes a few hours. Then once it’s all clean I feel really good and I think and create better which makes me happy.

I have many plans for this coming year some big some small some that should have been taken care of and a couple that I really need to have done. So here is the list (it’s a big one)


Fist off the one goal that is more improtant then all the other and has been proving to be the hardest.

  • Loose 100lbs. (If I can do this it will solve so many of my problems it’s not even funny) So my plan for achieving this is eating only good food (I was cutting out a lot of the garbage i was eating but now I’m going to cut it all out) and doing a work out. My workout schedule is in Jan every 3rd day then in feb it will be every other day and march on everyday I have found a work out video that I like and once it gets warm enough I’ll start going to the park with Brian and anya. So I’m going to try my hardest and I hope that will do the job.
  • Become a Full Wiccan. By this I mean more then just collecting a few books and reading them here and there but to really understand it and maybe if possible join a coven if I can find one.
  • Become Fluent in Korean. It’s getting out of hand, I watch enough dramas and movies and I’m always listening to the music and feasting on the delicious food I feel like I should know and understand what I’m hearing and a part of me seems to think that if I go to sleep I’ll wake up the next day and know it all. So I’ve found a few good sites and in the fall I’m going to sign up for a Korean school in Ann Arbor.
  • Finish one of my planned amigurumi pattern books and at least starting looking for a publisher. It’s would be wonderful to get paid for my creativeness and I want to have the thrill of feeling that comes to an author when seeing their books on the shelf of a book store. I’ve talked to many crafters who have had their books published and I’d like to be one of them.
  • Keep up with my blogs etsy, and DA (and possibly make my own website but that might be a project for 2012) I have a DA and I have a good handful of blogs and I would like to keep them as well as my Etsy up to date and full of interesting things.

Now for the things i want to get:

  • Spinning wheel. for obvious reasons
  • $500 set aside for ren feast. This year we are taking Anya and I want to get her dressed up for it. I’d also like to be able to get whatever I want the without worrying about the cost and maybe even go more then once day.
  • Get a netbook. for all my patterns, recipes, blog entries, dreams, plans, calendar, contacts, schedule and other simple things that are filling up the dozens of notebooks I have all over the place.
  • A PSP. now this is pure vanity lol I’ve been wanting one and been trying to get one ever since it came out however I wont have very much if any time to play with it lol but there are still times when I can’t be working on my crafts and have nothing else to do (like car trips) that I could enjoy it

Now daily and monthly plans

  • Keep the house nice and clean.
  • Eat good for me and non fattening food
  • keep myself kept up
  • Work out a lot
  • Creat a least one full piece of Art or craft a day
  • write on my blog and post something to DA every day
  • Make a pretty Calender for each month that will be posted here to be downloaded and use for a wallpaper
  • Make 2-5 new amigurumi for each month outside of holidays
  • have a good amount of amigurumi for each holiday and get them finished and posted on time.
  • Make lots of jewelry and have some for holidays
  • Make a small clay sculpture for each Holiday
  • Make pompom creatures
  • stationery sets at least designed
  • make felt stickers and plushies
  • Come up with some of my own chars (I have a few in mind already but I have to practice drawing them)
  • Make up a few designs for fabric on spoonflower
  • and work on my fractals at least once a month.

Finally here is the list of types of things I’ll have on my Etsy to sell

  • Amigurumi
  • Jewelry
  • Crystal animal charms
  • Felt stickers
  • Felt plushies
  • Pompom creatures
  • mini amigurumi charms
  • Colored eyes for other plushie makers
  • other little things I can come up with

So you can see that I’m going to be really busy this year. Now I’ll have to work on my will power and get less interested in games and dramas and spend my time wisely but I think I can do it. I’m also going to be working on getting up earlier and going to bed at a decent time.



~ by Kristalia on January 1, 2011.

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