Hanging with friends

To day I hung out with a bunch of friends and had a lot of fun. We went to borders, Jo Anne’s Best Buy, and had dinner at Sushi Zen. Kachie has been going to school in Japan so since she has a few weeks before she has to go back to school I thought we would hang out and do a few things. I got her a really pretty glass with Kanji all over it for x-mas and she brought me back a bunch of goodies from Japan. When she goes back she is charged with finding some craft books for me lol.

Other then that I got a few things I needed for projects in the future.

And I acomplished sticking to my getting a craft piece done today though it’s not very much and for x-mas lol. I made a pair of Christmas tree earings lol My mom wanted a pair but I have enough beads to make 3 pairs. I probably won’t put them on my etsy unless someone want’s them. I’ll just put them away and post them next year. I’ll be posting a picture and full specs and price on my Jewelry blog tomorrow or maybe the day after.

Anya got to see all of my friends and at first she was terrified lol but she seemed to get over it rather quickly. I’ll be making a post of her latest acomplishments along with some pictures of the crazy little imp later this week probably.

I need to get in the habbit of taking pictures, I’ve never had a camera till the last couple years and never really had a passion for takeing pictures and now adays it doesn’t even come to mind. I’m going to be making a spot for it on my desk so maybe if i see it I’ll use it lol.

Just realized the only thing I ate today was some tofu, hot peppers, small salad, miso soup and sushi at sushi zen lol didn’t eat anything else plus I walked around all day so I guess today was ok as far as my diet (not on one just trying to eat good)


~ by Kristalia on January 4, 2011.

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