Yeah haven’t been posting much though I have been making things. Haven’t been taking pictures either shame on me. But I did join a business opertuinity called TEAM. I’m also a distributer for Mona Vie which is a very healthy and very nummy drink line; they have fruit juices the only healthy energy drink and a line of immune system boosters.

So this team thing looks like it will take at least one day out of my week but not a whole day so I’ll still be able to get stuff done.

Monday Brian is taking me to Jo Annes where I’m going to be getting a nice thick poterbord and a good hand full of scrapbook papers a cute little tropical bird gave me the idea to use them as the back grounds to my pictures and since my curent systems sux I’m more then willing to give this idea a try. Plus won’t cost much and everytime i want a new background just go get a $.50 piece of pretty scrapbook paper.


I guess I could put this next bit on the amigurumi blog even though it’s knitting and a scarf instead of a amigurumi. I’ve decided to start work on a Season 18 full 26 ft Doctor Who scarf. Oh yeah I’ve gone crazy! But truth be told I can’t wait to get started, I won’t be detracting from all the other things I have planned for this year but every day or otherday I’ll put about 30 min or so into it. I’ll Keep progress reports down to once a week to every other week. I will also post all the info about it on the amigurumi blog during the time I’m working on it.


I think tuesday is going to be a picture day and I’m going to be taking pictures of everything I’ve been meaning too and poor renee is going to have her e-mail Full of crap lol.


~ by Kristalia on January 16, 2011.

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