With mom. We went to craft stores and I got some paint, embroidery floss, a pair of knitting needles, and some cotton yarn. We also went to marshals and I bought a set of really cute shot glasses and mom got me some soap. LOL It seems to be what my mom does whenever a holiday or my birthday she does get me other things but she always gets me soap haha not that I don’t take showers and shes giving me a hint, no these bars of soap are huge and smell soooo good This time the scent is Egyptian Cotton and I love it. and the pretty Paisley box can and will be kept to use for something else. It’s actually perfect timing we started using the last bar which was green tea when we moved in and just finished using the first regular bar after the green tea bar was gone.

We went and ate at Olga’s and I got a regular Olga and a bunch of snackers (which I LOVE) mom had the all you can eat snackers, salad, and soup.

I got home and what should I see a large bottle of Pinnacle Vodka sitting on my desk lol Brian had got it for me lol


~ by Kristalia on February 25, 2011.

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