Red Riding Hood

Went to go see it today with mom and Katie Which I might add was a total shocker I never though mom would go to a movie like that but she actually wanted to see it and she liked it (nother shocker) Of course Katie and I liked it too and in my personal opinion if you like that movie you should like the twilight moves but whatever to each their own.

I’ve been going swimming every Tuesday and it’s been so nice. It’s making me take care of a few things I’d otherwise put off and not do and it gives me a lot more energy the next day. So I think the way I’m going to exercise is to take up swimming going to look into the Brighton high school aquatic program and see it there is a way i can go swimming and work around brian’s working schedule.

I’m also going a craft show in Dexter tomorrow with mom so I’ll post what i get tomorrow. 😀


~ by Kristalia on March 18, 2011.

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