Dexter Craft show

Took place at the highschool there. Was a lot of ppl and many awesome artists though not much I wanted. There was a few wood carvers and one of them had carved birds and some pretty Owls which mom just had to point out to me I didn’t get them since they were $50 a piece and I just can’t do that now. I had a great conversation with a lady who made and was selling woven baskets boy that looks like fun and I might even take it up one day though I think it’s too much to start now. There was a booth with a bunch of little fairy houses made out of bark and things they were so cute and pretty, Not sure how much they were but makes me want to try to make them when i get a house. Soap, jewelry, clothes, stuffed animal, quilts, pottery and the like.

There was also a lady dressed colonial and using this really old-looking machine. Turns out to be an antique sock knitting machine and she’s making Socks she told me how it works and I watched her make a pair of socks on it. It’s totally awesome and I want one lol Only problem is I haven’t found one for under $1500 and we all know I do not have the money to buy one of those yet lol maybe some day. However I did buy a pair of socks from her though.

Now I want to say here I LOVE ANYA! the girl is totally incredible We brought her to this we had to or I wouldn’t have been able to have gone. She was awake the whole time and everyone loved her and she behaved so well I still don’t believe it. No screaming, crying, tantrum throwing, running away or grabbing things of tables. I did however talk to her the whole time explaining everything and I swear she was taking notes lol. It’s good news since she is going to be going to a lot of craft shows in her life and helping me at them when she is older and I start being a seller.

On the way out I grabbed a huge bag of Kettle corn a couple of women were making at the entrance. That stuff is addicting and I want to learn how to make it make store-bought kettle corn taste like plain non flavored popcorn. I’m on strict rations for it or it will be gone in a day.

I’ll take picture of the socks and find a picture of the Machine and add them to the post later ^_^

Hugs and Kisses


~ by Kristalia on March 19, 2011.

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