Start Classes

Ok well I know my family (parents) would not be thrilled with this but It’s my decision so that’s that. I started taking online Witchcraft classes last night. I sent in the application and was accepted as a student and given access to the classes. It’s free but only for adults who are serious about learning about it. I’ve been interested in Witchcraft for many years and only read a few books. So when I ran into Ruby Ravn on Etsy and started talking to her she sent me to the site.  She is one of the teachers and after my introduction I’ve found out we have so much in common you would think we are related lol. So I’m going to be working on these classes I won’t be posting here very much about it and even If I decide too I’ll be doing so on a separate blog. But that’s whats going on in my life and I love it.


Hugs Kisses and Blessed Be!



~ by Kristalia on April 1, 2011.

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