I know I know 4 months and no posts I must say I seem to not be to good at this blogging thing not putting enough effort or care into it I guess. Lots of things have happened (4 months right so pretty obvious) Anastasia turned 2 in June (not using the 2 yr old excuse I swear…….) and she is getting crazier everyday. I’m learning and teaching Anya french, we have been getting the house packed up since we are moving on the 26th to a new and bigger/better apartment, I’ve gotten all the tools, electronics, and supplies to start a new page in my crafting career once we are in the new place (Where I actually get to have a craft room!) been working on my health via Wii fit and working on going VEGAN omg!

I have also decided to put blogging on my to focus on doing list in the new place. I’ve been packing and realizing how much crap I have in this place that really doesn’t need to be unpacked in the new one so I’ve packed things on a unpacking/leaving pack basis. I figure if there are less things that will equal less mess which equals more time to spend on things like playing and learning with anya and dun dun dun…. Blogging! lol

One more thing My food blog is going to be turned into a vegan food blog and since I’m going to start cooking and Brian is going to keep cooking there should be plenty of  eye candy (in the food department with my new camera)  and lots of nummy recipes.  Like tonight he is making taco tofu and we are having it with lettuce, corn, brown rice and super nummy homemade hot sauce on garlic sauce slathered (well maybe not slathered hehe) fresh baked bread rolls from La Marsa wonderful Mediterranean restaurant down the road.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some more before the move but we will see ^_^


~ by Kristalia on August 9, 2011.

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