In 11 Days……

I’ll be moving into our new apartment. I have so many things planned for how my life is going to be (total fresh start)

In the new place I’m going mostly Vegan (with the final goal being all Vegan)

I’m going to do a Juice fast

I’m going to be working out on the Wii and playing outside with Anastasia (generally getting my health back to where it should be).

The place is going to be Painted so pretty.

I’m going to have a craft room where my desk will be all set up with my laptop having a permanent spot (New netbook being used as an all art/craft/learning tool to blog on the go) with my printer/scanner and tablet (Wacom Bamboo Fun) all hooked up.

My desk will also have all my crafting things on and near it so I can get really working on everything I should be working on.

I’ll have another table in there with my Photo box and light tent set up to take lots of great pictures.

A lot of the unnecessary stuff is not even going to get unpacked (and I’ve already weeded out the stuff to be given/donated and thrown away.

I’m going to start cooking (back to the vegan nummyness) and veganizing my moms recipes lol

I’ll be learning French and Korean with Anya

I’ll be furthering my Wiccan, Astronomy, Physics, and Reiki learning 😀

Work on writing my books (craft books and novels)


AND NOT doing all the time wasting things I have been doing lol.





~ by Kristalia on August 16, 2011.

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