Only 9 more days!

Till we start moving! However today mom came and got me and went shopping for paint, curtains, and other decor stuff. Though since my sister (Katelynn shes 15) was with us we also went to Borders.

So here is the rundown; Paint and Curtains cost a lot! lol but hey we are doing good and we will be living in this place at least a year and I just can’t live in another apartment/condo/house/WHATEVER with blindingly WHITE walls that show every speck of anything on them even when all you did was brush against them walking down the hallway. At the school the walls were white, at Brian’s parents house the walls and carpet are white, and this apartment we are in is white IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS!

Whew now with that out of the way……

Anya’s room (which though I picked out all the colors today we only bought her paint) is going to have a really pretty almost pastel green sponged on the white paint already there. My mom has gotten her this huge tree (with owls <—– my addiction) sticker/decal to put on the wall it’s got a cutesy woodland critters thing going on and it matches the (owl) lamp we already have for her.

Oh btw her first words might have been blanket, ball, and bottle but the first one with crystal clarity were Owl and Star XD

So anyway the curtains for her room are a very light palm tree (bright green) green they are going to look so good! I’m also thinking about trying to find a matching round rug that wil cover most of the floor.

My room/ craft room.

Now here is how Brian said the bedroom is going to be. Since he hates our bed (says its to soft, its a memory foam one and it is really soft) he has decided that the room is mine. Meaning I’m going to have the room to sleep in and work in (it is big enough) and he is going to sleep on the futon couch in the living room.

Now I know what most ppl are thinking (Our relationship is fine trust me) But you know what I think I’m liking the idea. Right now when he sleeps in the bed he tosses and turns (and snores) allllll night long which means no matter how many times I fix the sheet on the bed the next day I have to fix it again. I then proceed to make the bed with a top sheet and our huge queen size double layer Korean mink (not real mink or any animal for that matter) blanket. You think he would get in under the sheet and sleep right (how i grew up lol) NO he throws the blanket and sheet off his side (doubling it up on mine) and then wraps another blanket around and between his legs and sleeps like that.

So I’ve been sleeping on said futon for the last week and well first off its not the crappy metal frame with a paper thin mattress on it, no its a nice couch that happens to lay flat if you want it to, which we always do even if not used as a bed. We have a pillow top (memory foam) on it and though its soft its mostly just enough to make it so you don’t feel the dip in the middle (not nearly as soft and the mattress in the bedroom). So the state of the bed in the bedroom? he is sleeping on the mattress with no sheet on it at all *SIGH* take a few minutes to fix it each morning? yeah right!

This is why the idea of a bedroom where half of it is all set up with my monstrous redwood (don’t think its real redwood but its made of wood and looks red) desk set up with my craft and art stuff. My small square table with my Wiccan alter, incense burner (which is a cast iron cauldron yeah ts true (pictures to come) Dream/Journey journal, Wiccan almanacs and datebooks. and My bed actually made and kept made really appeals to me.  Who knows maybe he will see how I sleep and keep things neat and elegant looking and he will want to start acting like a grown up and not a college guy slob.

Mom told me that I belong in old Europe where married couples had their own apartments in the house Her with a bed chamber, changing room, sitting room, and He with a bed chamber, study, and so on LOL. Thanks mom but that’s not the first time I thought I belonged in those times (though I’m glade I’m not burning at the stake doesn’t sound very fun).

Now how its going to be decorated. Well since my favorite time of year, the time of year I feel really alive, productive, happy, and that this is how I wish it was all year if Autumn. So I told mom I wanted my room to look like you just walked into October. The paint in the words of Brian is two shades of brown, though one is called rare earth and the other in more of a peach copper. I’m playing with the idea of getting leaf wall decals but not sold on it yet. The drapes are ‘chocolate’ with some really pretty embroidery on them. I have some really pretty pillows, and other decor items; huge wooden bowl for my yarn I’m working with, a cute little hourglass (though more like 15 min) with brown sand, and a brown bronze copper speckled wooden Owl. The things I already have with go with that to Like my amber glass and metal Owl lamp (which I just love) , my burnt orange and brown sheets, my autumn colored candles and small leaf and acorn shaped bowls and so on. As for lighting in that room I’ll have my big Otte Lite on my desk (though only going to be used for crafting), My amber owl lamp (looking at another owl lamp online that I really like) and I’m going to be putting one string of white led x-mas lights around the top of the rooms and a string of orange led light around the bottom of the room.

This room is going to be my sanctuary I just know it as soon as its done and I walk in there the ideas are just going to flood the place.

Living room:

Since I will have the luxury of my room where I’ll be able to had it pitch black in there if I wish (in the middle of the day). I decided the living room where Anya and I spend most of our indoor day time at should be bright colors and light (instead of my dark Halloween dead forest of a bedroom lol) So its going to be Caribbean blue, purple and white (just be happy mom and Brian that I didn’t throw pink in the mix). The paints are as close as i could get to my favorite true Caribbean blue color and bright purple (like my fractals) and the curtains are going to be aqua base with a white over top and has blue sheer circles which makes it look perfect.

So my new apartment is going to be wonderful and happy place where I’m going to be able to have all my changes go through with ease.

So we also went to Borders right?? I loved Borders, I’d meet my friends there grab a frapachino and sit and flip through the new magazines while chatting away and then run over and grab a new Doctor who book before leaving. I’m going to miss Borders so much 😦

Well today Kate got the 1st manga of Mushishi (LOVE the anime).

I got two big Dinosaur books for Anastasia who just LOVES dinosaurs (darn you Littlefoot) and two New Vegan Books along with a very nice little notebook and a really pretty metal bookmark.

So I’m getting ready for moving, it’s going to be a really busy time. Painting, juice fasting (Brian is going to do it too YA!) sinking more into the vegan madness, MI Ren Fest!! (stock up on incense herbs and other goodies), working out on the Wii, working on French and Korean lessons, learning to cook, crafting, blogging, and maybe breathing (we will see)


Hugs and Kisses!



~ by Kristalia on August 18, 2011.

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