YA I’m back and almost completely done moving in. in the last month We moved and started a Juice fast with the expectation of going full vegan at the end of it! We just got our internet yesterday after some AT&T trouble (which I hope is over).


We were supposed to get our internet on Friday the 16th which we did at 6.30pm it worked great till 1.30 am and died then didn’t come back till Sunday at around 8am then died at 4 pm so we finally got someone out here to look at it on Monday at around 5pm but it didn’t get fully fixed till yesterday at about noon XD. So last night I had a WoW raid to attend lol but then I went to sleep.


So this new place (which pics of will come soon) is great plenty wrong with it but sooooooooooooooo much better then the last place! Its much much bigger then the last place and it closer to everything (stores, parents, Brian’s work and more) one of my high school buds happens to be living here already lol and I get my own room!!!!!  haha

We painted too!! Anyas room is all light green sponged on white and very pretty mine is “two shades of dirt” Thanks brian…..  but it really looks good and when I’m done with it its going to be like waling into October. The bottom 1/3 is Rare Earth brown and the top 2/3 is a coppery burnt orange, I’m going to be putting leaves blowing around the orange part and piling up on the brown part. my bed, desk, alter, and Light Tent table is in there along with 2 book shelves and a bed side table the room is big! and I love it! The living room isn’t painted yet but it will be rocker girl purple and a very pretty aqua.

We got our $200 Breville juicer and started on our juice fast it’s been 12 days and I’ve lost a total of 26lb! and I feel soooo good and I love concocting the next meals juice from a ton of veggies. I’ll start posting pick and juice recipes on  My vegan food/ stuff blog ^^. Brian has lost about 20lb but we are both going to keep at it.

I’m only slightly cheating by taking a bite of a vegan larabar, or pure bar each morning so I can take my vitamins but it doesn’t seem to be hurting my results in anyway. I’ll be giving my opinions on them too ^_~.


I’ve also gotten SUCKED into spending my life on Pinterest that site is a perfect example of addiction its so great and I could get lost and spend weeks on there (Just as bad as Etsy). I’ve also already started getting my hand back in with crocheting, I’ve made Anastasia a new Autumn scarf since she was trying to swipe mine lol and I started on making myself a new shawl and I want to get myself a Halloween jewelry set done before Sat. and now Brian wants me to make him a “Blood Red” scarf so once I’m done with all them (hopefully by the weekend) I’ll be starting in on new craft items for the Esty.

Saturday is REN FEST! for us we aren’t taking Anya this year but we are taking my sister and it will be her first time there. I’m mostly going for burnables (incense for my cauldron) and all the great performances but well will see what I come home with lol.

Well thats it for now I’ll be posting a lot more regularly now adays ^^



~ by Kristalia on September 21, 2011.

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