Nice day.

It was a great day out today. My in-laws had Anastasia for the day so I decided to go hang out at my Mothers house. I was thinking I would go over there and talk some, plan some and craft some. Well the first 2 got done XD lol 2 out of 3 is pretty good.

So tomorrow mom will watch Anya while we do out Ann Arbor shopping.

Thursday we will be going to our Black Sheep Weavers guild meeting.

Friday I’ll be going with mom for her to get a small surgery on her arm.

Saturday I’ll be HOME!

Sunday back to moms for Easter dinner.

Oie a busy weekend. Then on the 14th I’ll be going with her to Lansing to attend a beginners weaving class.

I’ve also made a hard decision in regards to the spring fling on may 5th + 6th. I will not be attending, things have come where I will not be able to even get a ride to the place. So I’ll finish all my hook cases and be posting them on my etsy to be purchased that way.

We also ran through the rest of the list of things needed to be completed in my room and mom will come over in a few weeks to help me get them finished. I did get to go outside and walk around a  little bit and I also got my new Felting needle holder which holds up to 12!!! needles and some really pretty mohair locks dyed Aqua Purple and Pink.


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~ by Kristalia on April 4, 2012.

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