It’s starting and I Love it! Been working on getting the house in order and cleaning up things and packing away some things I don’t use a lot.
We got a new kitty in June he is 8 months old now and is as big as Star (who is 3 years). We named him Sova which is Russian for Owl, and like Star he is a Maine coon mix. At first Star did NOT like the idea at ALL. As I write this however they are both sitting next to each other at my feet (on my new Chase lounge). We decided to get him for a few reasons, The #1 reason was so Star would have a playmate and wouldn’t be alone when we would be gone all day at moms or shopping. the other reason is that when I saw his picture I just had to have him. He was rescued from the pound and put up for adoption he is the sweetest cat I have ever had the pleasure to meet he is even more loveable then Star, We thing we lucked out and got two perfect kitties.
However Sova has long hair then Star I’m not sure if it’s baby fur and will grow in shorter but he loses A LOT of it on his own and when the two of them play around so we have been cleaning a lot more lately.


I’ve taken up friendship bracelets which is a lot of fun, and Zen Tangle (if you want to call it that) which has been getting me into drawing a lot more. I’m also working on jewelry, amigurumi, fractals, and writing my scifi books.

Brian is working on learning photography mainly because I SUCK at it! He asked me if there was something he could help me with when it came to my art, blogs, sites, shop ect.. and I told him to learn to take good pictures and I’d be set lol. I haven’t posted a lot because I really don’t like blogging without pictures to share and I really hate trying to sell my things when the pictures I have for them are horrible.  Once he can help with that a lot more will be happening.


I’ve been watching some really good Korean dramas and playing Marapets which has been rolling out new stuff a lot lately, when I’m not working on my art. I’ve found some new sites I love too, and unfortunately I’ve been sucked into reading about what is really happening in our country and government and I really wish I hadn’t it makes me want to get out of America more then ever I really wish it was easy to move out of this country and it is to more into it. In any case Brian is looking for jobs both here and in Canada since it sounds like his hours will be cut with all the health care stuff going on so they don’t have to give him benefits or whatever.


I’ll be posting on F4 in the next few days about a great new music site and some bands I’ve gotten into as well as a new Korean drama site and the dramas I’ve been watching. I’m also thinking of picking my Marasite back up and turning it into a blog I wouldn’t have to take picture for it and I think I’ve got a lot of info to share with others.


I’ve also been trying a lot of new foods lately trying to give myself variety while trying to keep healthy veg (I’ve stayed veg but pasta and rice while good and filling are not going to help me). my biggest problem is I could eat raw veggies all day (and Love it) but would still be hungry, I like quinoa but I need to figure out something to do with it as I can’t eat very much of it plain.


In 2 weeks we are going to Ren fest and that will be lots of fun, we are taking my sister who has been working all summer to make money for it. I’m getting some special mead I get only once every 3-4 years, some burnables (herbs and such) for my cauldron, possibly another Goddess necklace from the collection I buy from every year, and thats about it. There are some really wonderful things there I would love to have but not this year (I’ve been saying that every year for the last 10) I hope by next year I have my blogs shop, and other sites under way and my health/weight are in a much better condition.


Ah one last thing I now know I want to live in a bus! A decked out remodeled very large school bus. Crazy I know but I’ll make another post about it later.


~ by Kristalia on August 26, 2012.

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