Whats been happening.

Been doing tons lately (except sleeping XD)

Playing WoW (not a ton but love being a kaboomkin and a healing monk)

Playing Marapets (more then WoW lol)

Working on my newest blog Marapets Archive (as fun as playing the game)

Watching tons of vids on youtube edu learning about tons of things (usually while playing mara or working on blogging)

Watching Korean Dramas (I love them so much) and doing daily lessons on Talk to me in Korean 😀

Working on a John Green Thought bubble amigurumi doll

Learning to make electronic music with Audio Tool (totally crazy and any music I actually make I have all the rights to)

Reading the Bhagavad Gita, The Black Whole War, and thinking of getting some of John Green’s books.

Packing up a ton of stuff I’m not fussing with or don’t plan on fussing with for the next 6 months (goodbye jewelry junk at least for now)


That’s about it but it’s keeping me going a lot



~ by Kristalia on November 6, 2012.

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