OMG there is nothing worse (at least for me) then having to get up at any time between 6-10 am in the morning. Seriously Brian has to go to work at 8am tomorrow it’s 4.30 am right now and as usual I’m still up (like I’d be able to sleep even if I tried oie). My best bet now is to stay up and take a nap when Anya does then sleep when Brian gets home tomorrow XD. Thank the Goddess that this is the last morning shift of his for a long while. He loves getting up in the morning and I think he is crazy, He can have it, it’s great bonding time with Anya who loves to be up at day break too, I’ll take all afternoon and evening and if she decides to get up at night. Thats just fine with me.


On the plus side Brian’s new job says they don’t mind at all if he grows his hair out long again YA!! Can’t wait he looks awful with short hair, and he goes on and on how he wish he didn’t cut it this last time. Men who can pull off the long hair look a million times better with long hair then short hair. I’ve also found a shop that sells Korean mens fashion for a decent price so I think this next spring we are going to get him an outfit or two and get him to finally have a style other then work and grunge. If it isn’t dress clothes it’s really hard to find decent looking and decent priced clothes for men in America there seems to be no style there at all except for the disgusting wanna be gangster look where their clothes are falling off them as they walk.
Some actual nice styled fitted jeans or Khakis a few shirts and this really snazzy black coat

Or maybe in red


and a few other things.

Red, black, purple, green, look good on him while Grey, white, and blues don’t look that good. He is still looking at getting a kilt (for daily wear) and it’s called the Spirit of Scotland Green, black and purple with just a little blue.


Just finished watching Faith and oie that was a good drama but I think I watched it to fast lol. Great story, ton of cute/hot guys and WoW the elemental fighting and the Sword play O.O

Now that’s a guy who looks good in grey and blue

And here is case in point for the long hair argument:

And major kudos for getting his hair that white and his deadly magic flute playing :).


And last but not least You HAVE to LOVE a man on horse back.

He better win some awards for this drama he was great.

Well It’s ow 5.20 am, Going to do a Korean lesson then work on F4Angels and Marapets Archive for awhile while listening to one of my books.




~ by Kristalia on November 10, 2012.

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