The new year.

So as many do I’ll be making my new years resolution.

Over all goals:

  • Learn Yoga
  • Be counted as a Body Rocker.
  • Be close to if not fluent in Korean
  • have my blogs be successful
  • have Anya able to read and maybe start piano lessons
  • To finally have my craft room organized!! LOL
  • To save between $100-$500 to put towards a trip to South Korea.
  • Read a lot more.
  • Media Database finished and perfected
  • ART!

So to break it down and fill it out:

  • Yoga

I’ve gotten my self a very Journal made of 100% recycled cotton (cool huh)  and I’m going to be making a study of the different Asanas and how to preform them correctly. There is a very large amount of Asanas and so Instead of my goal being to do them all it’s more like I’ll do 2-3 a day and see where I end up. I already have a nice Yoga mat however I really want a Spoonk mat from whole foods (the larger one made from Hemp in the color green).

  • Body Rock!

There is a web site;   That I’ve taken part in before but stopped because I tried to do to much to quick. This time around I’m going to take it easy so after a week my knee don’t start screaming at me to shut up and sit down LOL. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to do the daily routines.

  • Korean!!

It’s part of my life and there is going to be no changing that ever! So it’s about time I know the language (way freaking past time truthfully). I’ll be doing 2 lessons a day from Talk to me in Korean and hopefully at some point down the road this year I’ll be able to get the workbooks from their shop and work on them as well. It makes me so happy now that I’ve gotten to the point that any time I type or say a word in English that I know the Korean equivalent to that’s what I hear in my head. Ex. Water (I’m thinking Mul not water), Cat (I’m thinking goyang-i) and so on. I know the alphabet (so how to read and write/type it) it’s sentence structure and translation I need to work on. I wonder though if the way I think about it in my head will help me to sound more like a native speaker then just some over involved English fan girl LOL

  • Blogs!

As always I want to get my blogs updated on a regular basis I have quite a few of them and as I’m going to be putting almost all my crafting away for the year I might be able to finally get the blogs going (I have enough finished back log of crafts to not have to worry about material for the craft blogs) So here’s hoping!

  • Anya

Brian wants to Home school Anya which if we do that means I’m the teacher lol. So This year I’m going to focus in our reading sessions on actually teaching her to read. She is already starting on some math and I’ve found great online vids and lessons (free) to teach you how to play the piano and they are directed towards kids, However she has a grandma that plays the piano and who I’m sure would be happy to help teach Anya (if she hasn’t been hinting at Anya already). She already shows more interest in the Green Brothers crash courses then in cartoons which in my opinion is wonderful.  She is certainly past the blocks stage (she hasn’t touched all the blocks she has here in almost 6 months)

  • My Room

Is a Huge mess, honestly it always is. Total battle to keep the damn thing clean. However this year I’m taking a break (as I eye my yarn and crochet hook with ideas of another pillow course through my head) from my crafts (at least most them , that the plan anyway) and that means %90 of all the crap in my room can and will be packed away into boxes WOOT!! With that much stuff not cluttering up every horizontal surface in sight I might be able to keep it clean (I seriously hope so) and accomplish other things in my life besides just wising to be able to use my desk and bed side table and top of my dresser and the big square table at the foot of my bed and top of the two books shelves and and and and *cry* LOL

  • Korean Trip $$

So I’ll be still selling things even though I won’t be making a ton of new things. I have tons sitting in bags in boxes to be sold. I’ll be getting them photographed and posted on my etsy over the next several months (I’m not even caring about holiday deadlines) and any money I get from etsy sales will be added to my trip to Korea fund. Even though I refuse to go till I’m fluent in the language (or can at least hold my own while I’m there) I’d like to go in 2014 or 2015 (maybe for my 30th b-day I can go on a real trip for once) and I’m certainly going to need some spending money because once I get there I’m never coming back! LOL J/K but there are tons of places I want to go and food I want to try as well and other things I want to do (maybe go to a concert ^_~). I also hope to make it a worth while trip which means I’ll be there for at least 2 weeks but would love to make it more like 2 months. (oie it would be nice if we could just move over there)

  • Read!!!

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve listened to Audiobooks. Now I used to read all the time but once I got into high school and definitely after high school I’ve barely read anything. Now I listen to hundreds of audio books a year but it wasn’t till Nov 2012 that I started reading books again. I came across the first book of Twilight in the salvation army and picked it up for 20 cents. I took it home and said heck why not try, well I finished it 2 days later and went to the library to get the other three books. I got through all 4 books in a total of 11 days which I think might be a record for reading 4 books in a row in my life. So I decided to take on Harry Potter next as I’ve never gotten past the 2nd book (or 3rd movie) I was going to borrow them from the in-laws because I seriously don’t want to go back to the library, however they only have the first 4 in soft covers that felt like they would fall apart if I tried to read them. So I got the first few on e-book format on my crappy android, and you know what I LOVE READING EBOOKS! now page turning no having to be careful not to ripe the book cover, no arms getting tired from hold a 800-1500 page book (I have some books that are 1500+ pages TT_TT you try to hold that for hours at a go).

I love my crappy android 7in screen and the weight are perfect I think if I ever got a tablet I would still use my Cruz reader for reading. it’s about the size of the ipad mini though 2-3 times as think and maybe 4-5 times as heavy but you know what? In my opinion thinner and lighter isn’t always better. (Plus I would never get an iPad mini unless it was only going to be a reader) So this year I’m going t keep up with the reading though its more likely going to be digital then hard copy. next after Harry Potter (half way through book 3 btw) might be Tolkien books, or maybe Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series or even possibly Twilight again lol J/K (or am I …)

  • My Media Database

I’ve been using Microsofts One Note to pretty much record everything. It’s a digital version of my book of everything just more organized and I’ll never run out of room. I have my favorite authors listed by genre with all their book listed and indicators on weather I have that book in soft cover, hard cover, audiobook, or/and ebook. Same with music (though listed by country) tv shows (also by country) movies, and other likes. I have list of food Brian and I like, recipes,  web sites, actors, actresses, Narrators (as in Audiobooks), lyrics, blog stuff, and even a spot for random crap to check out and go through later.

So I hope to at least get the author/book and Music sections up to date this year in hopes that I can finally get all my music organized and actually put on my iPod. The same with books for my reading pursuits this year

  • Art!

I am putting the fiber art, and jewelry junk away but I’ve decided to let myself have some time to work on my drawing and to work on my fractals I’d Like to try and make at least 10-20 fractals a month this year. Maybe I’ll do a zen tangle per month as well.

So that’s it. I know I’ll get some of it done and some of it will most likely be given up on but I’m going to try my hardest to get though the year.


~ by Kristalia on January 2, 2013.

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