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Here are some pictures of my beautiful kitty Astari.


Hello crazy eyes but I love them. The light from the flash made them that way not that way normally.





“You lookin at me?”


Here Mom

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hehe Mom wanted a few more pictures of Anya to show my Aunts so here they are

Hey mom if you scroll way down oh about 20 some posts you will find some pictures of her when she was much younger in case Dee Dee and Lesley wanna see ^_^

little blurry but there they are.

Anastasia Lucille Winn

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Lots of people keep getting at me for never having pictures of the girl so here you all go.

and just so you know getting her picture with her eyes open is completely impossible (they are a very pretty blue)

Awesome day and some links

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I spent the whole day with my mom learning to weave yesterday at Woven Art in Lansing MI

My first weaving.


I’ve also gone through all my sites and have all the links to the side (some 22 sites XD).


Great Day lol

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Sorry to say but just as I was forcing the idea of blogging everyday into my THICK skull along come my invite to Wow MOP BETA!?!?!?!?!?! I checked this morning nothing, check a half hour ago and there it is! needless to say I’m not getting any sleep tonight XD haha

What we did today was took Anya over to moms and went to Ann Arbor. Shopped at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods

Got COOKIE BUTTER! and no wonder I’ve seen so many people go on and on about it its DELISH!

Also had a vegan pizza from Whole food also num num.


I got other things that I’ll blog about tomorrow but for right not the Pandas are calling so I’m going to go grab my spiced beer (from WF) that’s been chilling and enjoy my new baby monk!


Hugs and Kisses!!!

Nice day.

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It was a great day out today. My in-laws had Anastasia for the day so I decided to go hang out at my Mothers house. I was thinking I would go over there and talk some, plan some and craft some. Well the first 2 got done XD lol 2 out of 3 is pretty good.

So tomorrow mom will watch Anya while we do out Ann Arbor shopping.

Thursday we will be going to our Black Sheep Weavers guild meeting.

Friday I’ll be going with mom for her to get a small surgery on her arm.

Saturday I’ll be HOME!

Sunday back to moms for Easter dinner.

Oie a busy weekend. Then on the 14th I’ll be going with her to Lansing to attend a beginners weaving class.

I’ve also made a hard decision in regards to the spring fling on may 5th + 6th. I will not be attending, things have come where I will not be able to even get a ride to the place. So I’ll finish all my hook cases and be posting them on my etsy to be purchased that way.

We also ran through the rest of the list of things needed to be completed in my room and mom will come over in a few weeks to help me get them finished. I did get to go outside and walk around a  little bit and I also got my new Felting needle holder which holds up to 12!!! needles and some really pretty mohair locks dyed Aqua Purple and Pink.


New posts:

F4 Angels :Zaz the French music artist.

Whats going on.

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I should just give up on the whole blog thing lol.

For starters we are still in the new apartment from the last post and I love it. We have only one set of neighbors above us however they are pretty quit for the most part so this place is a million times better then the last place.

I fully vegetarian/vegan these days and loving it, the only thing I really miss is really good sushi though since I didn’t get that that often anyway it’s no big loss. Brian makes this great potato leek soup and I make a mean vegan chili. We also have been making it a habit to got to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods every other week. Besides picking up a Vegan pizza at WF we get lots of great things for us from vitamins to chia seeds. I also get flavoring bits from the bulk section to flavor the Kombucha I’ve started brewing ^_^. We have been juicing every few days though next week we are going to do it every day again for a week or so.

I’ve also started doing a workout every other day I do the work out (seriously modified) for this site :

On top of that Anya and I have daily dancing sessions where I put on some of my favorite move music and we go crazy and that last for about an hour. I’ve lost a total of 25lb since I started all this in Nov. and I’m going to keep it up. So I hope the world doesn’t end in 2012 or it will all be for naught instead of looking good in 2013 lol.

On the craft and art front:

I’ve been getting into new things getting on with old things and am working atm on items for my real first craft show in May. I joined the Black Sheep Weavers guild in January and their Spring Fling is on May 5th and 6th at the Beach Middle School in Heartland Michigan. At the moment I’ve got about 12 hook cases finished and another 8-10 being worked on. I’ll have a few other things to put up too but not much.

I got my Spinning Wheel finally and have been working on spinning some of the stuff I have pilling up in my closet. I’ve joined the Phat Fiber ravelry group and got my first box this month and hope to get another one in April.

I’ve picked up Needle Felting and was inspire by Tanglwood Thicket Creations ( and her crazy wonderful creatures. My goal is to create something similar out of the dozens of creatures I’ve sketched over the years. I’m taking a different approach however, where most people who make things like these they use a wire skeleton I’m not going to. Mine is going to be fully felt, not sure how it all works so I’m making a proto type to work out how its going to work before I make anything big. I’ve already started on it however it’s taking quite a time lol so I ordered a needle felting needle holder that holds up to 12 needle and I hope that will lessen the time it will take.

Another thing I’ve finally learned to do in these last 6 months it Knitting! I’ve been trying for years and never got past knit and pearl stitch but it finally clicked around January and the first thing I’m working on is the famous Beekeeper Quilt by Stephanie Dosen of Tiny Owl Knits ( So I’m knitting up Hexapuffs like there’s no tomorrow in all these pretty colors. My ultimate goal it 2 blankets actually the first being all the aquas, pinks, purples, blues, and greens of my fractals, while the second will be more earth and honey colored. I’m mostly using hand painted sock yarns like Koigu

I’ve even picked up embroidery though I’m still just practicing stitches I have a feeling I’ll have fun with it and it might go the way of my Fractals keep adding little thing till I like what I see lol.

Speaking of fractals I’ve started making more and it’s been a long time since I’ve made any. I’m working on getting all the fractals I’ve ever made rendered in a size I’ll be posting on my fractal blog, my tumblr, and my DA (and possible Behance and Artician as well). Once all the back log of fractals are posted I’ll make sure to keep up with posting any new ones on the day I make them.

As amigurumi go I’ve not been doing much besides trying to work out a new dragon pattern, one of the books I want to publish in the future is a mythology in amigurumi and I need a dragon ^_^.

Jewelry and any other bead work has been put on hold for some time while I focus more on my fiber arts. Though I am thinking of making stitch markers lol XD

I’m on a French music kick right now, I got a new iPod classic 160 gigs so I’m working on getting my music and books and other things on there and besides some Acorna books by Anne McCaffrey (R.I.P I think about her almost every day since I love all her books and have most of them) French music is what I’ve decided to focus on first (I’ll give a rundown of what is going on there on F4 Angels)

I’ve borrowed mom’s yarn ball winder and I’ve got a ton of yarn to wind up, I have a big book shelf behind my bedroom door which is holding all my yarn but has gotten pretty messy as of late. Tomorrow Anya is going over to Brian’s parents house and the first order of business is to clean my room then wind yarn for the rest of the day lol.

I’ve been watching ALL of the Stargate put out to date over the last couple of months (love netflix) and well when I finally got to the end of Stargate Universe (which all 3 of the series ended way to soon) I felt like a big part of my everyday life had been taken away. So after about 2 weeks of no Stargate I just couldn’t take it anymore and have started all over from the beginning again XD lol.

So that’s the last 6 months in one post XD Now I’ve been getting a little time everyday where there is nothing for me to do and I’m taking a break from crafting so I’ll try harder to not let this go another 6 months without a post. Since I’d really like to have my blogs be good and well known (if only so I can have some support from people who like my art and don’t think it’s nothing but a waste of time).


Hugs Kisses and Owlie Nudges

P.s.  I’m Thinking of changing from Astari Art to something else.