The Blogs a needed explanation.

As I said in my first post on this blog I’ve decided instead of posting everything in one blog I’ve set up a bunch of blogs (9 in total) in order to organize everything. There could be more to come in the future just warning lol) I’ve decided to write this page to explain my different blogs since this blog is the one I will be directing everyone to.

I’m a really crazy person when it comes to organizing and listing things. I have lists of everything from what I own to what I want (and the I want is split up into a billion different lists) it’s crazy but for some reason that’s the way I am. So I figure it’s pretty much impossible for me to be able to deal and tolerate everything in one blog.

OK now for the run down.

This blog is about what happens to my family and I. It’s not going to be craft oriented, however when I get something (Like my new amigurumi book) I’m probably going to post it here (though I might make a small post about it in the blog it pertains to as well). So stories about my daughter (Anastasia) , progress My husband (Brian) makes in his Job (though just job hunting right now) and events that happen to me will be posted here.

This is where all my Fiber Art related posts will be. Items I’ve made, are for sale and the like.

Fractals! I make them I love them and they are sooooooooooo pretty. I only use Ultra Fractal 4 for right now but I want to learn some of the other programs for them. I’ll be posting my creations and links to good tutorials I find so you can give it a try to if you want 🙂

Like most of the people I know I draw and scribble all the time and I love working with photoshop. I’ll be posting pictures of my sketches and my graphics, pixel art ect.. from my photoshop work.

I’ve found it rater hard to find good hand painted colored safety eyes for my amigurumi so I cut out the middle man/men and bought clear ones and painted them myself. I figure it’s a need item and not many sellers (and some I’ve found want outrageous prices for a pair of eyes, and when I did buy them they were not painted (in fact I think they were just colored on with marker)) So I’m posting pictures of my eyes and if you would like to buy some from me that’s great! However I’m not making this into a big business unless It really takes off. I need the eyes myself but don’t mind selling them to others so there will always be stock.

I love crafts of almost all kinds and I use a lot of craft supplies myself. So here I’m planning making reviews on different gadgets and other supplies I try and also make features about other craft blogs and creations I find and Love.

Along with my Amigurumi I create bead and crystal Jewelry. Here is where I’ll be posting about them almost all will be available for sale of custom color order. A lot of them are my own design so you won’t be finding them anywhere else. Any art piece I make out of beads and crystals will be posted her as well.

I love food and I cook a little (Brian does most of the cooking at our house) and I am always trying something new to eat or drink. Here I’ll be posting reviews of food stuffs I’ve tried and liked, and will be posting a few recipes I just love and even talk about some of the experiments Brian comes up with.

Now I’m going to start by explaining the name, F4 is a Taiwanese band however the 4 guys of the group are also great actors and are in a lot of Taiwanese movies and Dramas. I love them both their music and their acting. This blog will be reviews of movies, dramas, tv shows, music, books (on and off tape), magazines, and games that I like and love.

This is going to be a blog that I keep and post on the days I spend at Barnes & Noble (B&N) reading, writing and drinking coffee while I’ve observe people dream up my stories work on my blogs and enjoy my day ^^

So that’s the description of all my blogs now you wont have to come here to navigate, I have links to each of these blogs on the side panel of each under the link heading ‘The Blogs’. Thanks for being interested enough to read this page and I hope you will enjoy my blogs.


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